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Calling on the children of South Africa to help fight hunger

Calling on the children of South Africa living overseas.

Dear Friends of South Africa

As you know, South Africa has been in strict lockdown for 32 days. While this measure appears to have helped to curb the Corona Virus infection rate, it has come at significant cost to our economy and millions of South Africans are now going hungry every day.

Operation Hunger is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation that has been delivering food parcels to the very poorest people in rural areas and informal settlements for 40 years. In the face of growing hunger and desperation, Operation Hunger has launched the COVID-19 Feed A Family appeal that has already raised significant funds from local supporters. As a volunteer, I am working to assist Operation Hunger to reach expatriate South Africans and those with a love for our country to appeal for further donations at this time of crisis.

Operation Hunger has an established distribution network that is already delivering food aid to thousands of families each week and with additional financial assistance, we have the capacity to ramp this up right now to meet increased demand. We feel certain that South Africa’s supporters and South African expats living abroad would be willing to make a donation to assist us in this humanitarian effort. Please help us to reach out to these people by posting the attached link to the Operation Hunger Feed A Family appeal in a prominent place on your website.
Lisa Zauber
Operation Hunger Volunteer – Expat Fundraising

Feed a Family

More About Feed a Family Campaign

What is in the food parcel?
The food parcel contains the following; dry foods, tinned foods and some sanitizers amounting to R180,00 each. Each of the food hampers will have the following items; sugar, tea, milk, maize meal, samp, beans, lentils, oil, salt, beef stock, tins of fish, Dettol, protex hand soap, disposable wipes.

Who gets the food parcel?
Beneficiaries are families within the target communities who have no source of income. These are identified by community leadership in conjunction with local relief committees and operation hunger.
Each of the affected family will receive a food hamper worth R180.00.

We have made sure to include Dettol, protex hand soap & disposable wipes in the parcels.

Beneficiaries will have their hands sanitised as they receive and sign for the donation.

Operation hunger will work hand in hand with relief committees that are identified by the respective communities. These committees will receive basic hygiene, safety and prevention training from Operation Hunger before they work with the food. Each of the participants will be equipped with a mask and latex gloves as they work with the food and do the distribution.

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