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Gift of the Givers: Reflecting on the year that was

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South African society is in a downward spiral emotionally, psychologically and economically. The challenges are overwhelming, the mood depressive, and the various interventions less than inspirational. It is during times like these and the approaching new year that society reflects, introspects and defines new resolutions. This process in itself is positive, healing and an ignition of hope inspired by our innate ability to lift above the abyss of uncertainty.

We, as South Africans, need to return to belief and faith, as a means of solace and conviction that better times are indeed possible, that we can rise above the melancholia of our current existence with an innate spirituality that encompasses all society, irrespective of belief or not. Ethics, humanity, sound character and altruism are universal qualities and not beholden to any religious entity.

This inner spirituality demands that the change we want to see should manifest within ourselves first. South Africa is in need of Ubuntu in its superlative form from all fifty seven million of our patriotic citizens. In our own difficulty we need to understand there is a fellow countryman with a more profound difficulty, that our hope and our future depends on our giving, our sharing, our reaching out and our willingness to embrace a common humanity, looking beyond the limiting factors or race, religion and culture, which 25 years after our democracy is still polarising and tearing us apart. From a spiritual point of view, sincerity, compassion, kindness and mercy permeate the soul, the very fabric of society manifesting in an exponential increase in goodness and service to man and creation.

Greed, avarice, ego, arrogance, selfishness, and miserliness are qualities that we as human beings have to negate. South Africa belongs to all of us, not to the government, the Presidency, the provinces, municipality or a political party, but to all of civil society. In the spirit of the festive season, where the propensity for good abounds, let us all play our role as elected officials and the populace to weed out corruption, improve corporate governance, expand CSI initiatives, annihilate the pursuit of unbridled profit, give leeway and sound advice to the debtor, and in every aspect be it legal, medical, financial, banking or other, be ethical, altruistic and reasonable. Don’t underestimate the value of a good deed, it comes back to you in a blessing, not necessarily material, but in ways you can never imagine. Right now, South Africa is “our child” in ICU. It requires what only a parent will do for their child in such circumstances. Our South Africa, “our child” needs that care now, collectively, from all South Africans. That care is love and assistance to each other as we are that South Africa.

Gift of the Givers thanks every tier of our society for the unbridled support for 27 years of our existence, and in return we pray for health, happiness, prosperity, and an answer to all prayer that is beneficial. We pray for an end to all the social, spiritual, psychological, political and economical ills that have befallen our society and a specific prayer for all South Africans trapped in foreign lands to be united with their loved one’s soon. May we all have a blessed festive season and an inspirational 2020.

Imtiaz Sooliman
Gift of the Givers

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