j9Expat box FB live Launch

j9Expat box FB live Launch

#j9ExpatBox Launch With Special guest inteviews

Amelia Wines Skumba Organics live at Dolphin Beach Hotel Blowfish Restaurant
23rd August 2020 @12:30pm


Expatriate Preparation celebrates 25 years

Expatriate Preparation celebrates 25 years

Mzanzi’s home grown Expatriate Preparation celebrates its 25th year this year🎉
Expatriate Preparation has been developing and preparing global workforces and global mindsets for their assignments in over 58 countries around the world for many of South Africa’s blue chip companies including MTN, Sasol, Standard Bank and many more.
We enable the crossing of cultures and are so proud to be South African and making a difference around the world. Www.expatprep.com


Meet Apiwe Bubu of Global Sound Studio (Apiwe Bubu) in North Hollywood

Meet Apiwe Bubu of Global Sound Studio (Apiwe Bubu) in North Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Apiwe Bubu.
Apiwe, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born in Mthatha South Africa and in my latter youth grew up in Johannesburg where I began classical piano lessons when I was in middle school thinking nothing of it except for the love of music. Upon completing high school, it became clear to me that this love was stronger than initially thought and would propel me to study sound engineering for a year and upon completion I got my first music industry job as a jingle composer and final mix engineer at Urban Brew (tv) studios in Johannesburg. From there I would go onto sound designing/engineering at Sonovision (radio) studios for commercials/ads. I took a strong interest to jazz piano and began studying with the renowned South African jazz pianist Andile Yenana in preparation for an undertaking, studying Music production/engineering and Contemporary Music writing/composition at Berklee. And so, upon completing these two majors at Berklee in 2016 and moving to Los Angeles, I began working as an assistant engineer to the renowned mix engineer Tony Maserati, with whom we worked on seminal and Grammy winning/nominated albums such as Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Keith Urban’s Ripcord, Gallants Ology and others. With this experience I went on to open/establish my own music studio in partnership with Brian Soko (Beyoncé-Drunk in Love, Lil Wayne-NoWorries) – (Global Sound Studio) focusing on recording, mix engineering, music production and composition. To date I’ve collaborated with and or worked for clients including Chief Keef (Glo gang), Adam Friedman, Bridgit Mendler, Samson (SA clothing brand) and Bumi Dupe amongst many others.
Concurrently whilst working in the studio and building a music production/engineering/composing career I’ve lived another (night)life as a DJ. On a usual weekend you’ll find me in LA bars on weekends past or present such as The Library Bar (Downtown LA), St Felix (Hollywood), Mama Shelter (Hollywood) or doing a private function ranging from celebrities such as Snoop, corporate events, weddings and or club nights/parties such as Trybvl at Los Globos or The Resident dtla and day parties alike. Most recently, in partnership with SwaziSunshine, I’ve established a bi-weekly dance movement/party (Move Your Body) that we currently stream on Twitch.tv under our duo name Amagintsa. We look forward to the return to normalcy when we can have people in one room, dancing and vibing to the sounds of South Africa.
Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It certainly has not been smooth. I would say the first year of moving to and establishing myself in LA was quite challenging to put it mildly. The process of calibrating your life to a new city, new vibes, new faces whilst adulting in new ways and responsibilities that only I could address on my own, put my mental and endurance to the test. I will admit/say that I was part of the fortunate ones with regards to finding myself working amongst my heroes and having the opportunity to learn from them, yet still, the environment had its challenges. I will also say that even before LA, there was the process of moving from South Africa to Boston and taking on that challenge too of a new city, new vibes, new faces and new music information. Berklee certainly had its own challenges! Fun fact… I auditioned three times before I was successful in gaining admittance and scholarship. #persistence
Please tell us about the business.
The business/studio is Global Sound Studio LA where I specialize in mix engineering, music production/composition and vocal recording. I’m also a business unto myself with regards to being a DJ and go by Apiwe Bubu, I specialize in South African dance music from global export genres like Gqom to Amapiano. I’m proud of my culture and my ability to connect the best of both worlds(Western&African), top shelf, world class sounds and music with yet to be ground breakingly exposed sounds of Southern Africa. What sets me apart in my music production and DJ’ing is my innate South African groove and musicality that is authentic to Southern Africa and its tribes such as Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. I try to infuse these sounds into my music productions and DJ mixes. It definitely is my X factor.
Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite memory is entering a music competition as Michael Jackson. Growing up I was a Michael Jackson fanatic! I’d studied and practiced his dance moves daily and knew his music like the back of my hand. Henceforth since that school competition I would be known in my town (Mthatha) as MJ (Michael Jackson) for a little while.
Mixing and Mastering $850-$1000 per track (multiple tracks neg)
Music Production $50-$100 an hour and or $1200-$5000 flat fee per track (multiple tracks neg)
Vocal Recording $50 an hr (1-2) $40 an hr (3-4) $35 an hr (5-8)
Composing (tv, video games & short films) – rate based on work
Contact Info:
Address: 11320 Burbank blvd
Website: www.apiwebubu.com
Email: bookingbubu@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apiwebubu/
Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/api


Calling on the children of South Africa to help fight hunger

Calling on the children of South Africa to help fight hunger

Calling on the children of South Africa living overseas.

Dear Friends of South Africa

As you know, South Africa has been in strict lockdown for 32 days. While this measure appears to have helped to curb the Corona Virus infection rate, it has come at significant cost to our economy and millions of South Africans are now going hungry every day.

Operation Hunger is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation that has been delivering food parcels to the very poorest people in rural areas and informal settlements for 40 years. In the face of growing hunger and desperation, Operation Hunger has launched the COVID-19 Feed A Family appeal that has already raised significant funds from local supporters. As a volunteer, I am working to assist Operation Hunger to reach expatriate South Africans and those with a love for our country to appeal for further donations at this time of crisis.

Operation Hunger has an established distribution network that is already delivering food aid to thousands of families each week and with additional financial assistance, we have the capacity to ramp this up right now to meet increased demand. We feel certain that South Africa’s supporters and South African expats living abroad would be willing to make a donation to assist us in this humanitarian effort. Please help us to reach out to these people by posting the attached link to the Operation Hunger Feed A Family appeal in a prominent place on your website.
Lisa Zauber
Operation Hunger Volunteer – Expat Fundraising

Feed a Family

More About Feed a Family Campaign

What is in the food parcel?
The food parcel contains the following; dry foods, tinned foods and some sanitizers amounting to R180,00 each. Each of the food hampers will have the following items; sugar, tea, milk, maize meal, samp, beans, lentils, oil, salt, beef stock, tins of fish, Dettol, protex hand soap, disposable wipes.

Who gets the food parcel?
Beneficiaries are families within the target communities who have no source of income. These are identified by community leadership in conjunction with local relief committees and operation hunger.
Each of the affected family will receive a food hamper worth R180.00.

We have made sure to include Dettol, protex hand soap & disposable wipes in the parcels.

Beneficiaries will have their hands sanitised as they receive and sign for the donation.

Operation hunger will work hand in hand with relief committees that are identified by the respective communities. These committees will receive basic hygiene, safety and prevention training from Operation Hunger before they work with the food. Each of the participants will be equipped with a mask and latex gloves as they work with the food and do the distribution.

Group of People Waving South African Flags in Back Lit

Let’s make 2020 as incredible as 2019, all you have to do is play your part for SA (BRAND SA)

Let’s make 2020 as incredible as 2019, all you have to do is play your part for SA (BRAND SA)

2019 felt like it was South Africa’s golden year, we won in so many ways and as a nation, felt more united than ever, so how do we keep it going? We keep on celebrating of course!

Johannesburg, South Africa ( January 2020) – If 2019 was anything to go by, South Africans have the ability to unite through successes and celebrations. A united country is everything when facing hard times, that is why every South African needs to play their part to make 2020 just as great.

During 2019, we wrote about 163 Proudly South African accomplishments and that was just the ones we knew about. By our count, that is an accomplishment every 2.5 days. Imagine if we celebrated our countries successes every two days. Imagine how good we would all feel.

To think of it, we’re only 3 weeks into the New Year and the Springboks have been nominated for another prestigious award, two incredible South Africans have become for the first ladies from Africa to finish the Dakar on bikes and the UCT Graduate School of Business in Cape Town has garnered another international accolade in becoming the first African business school to win the
39th annual John Molson MBA International Case Competition, often referred to as “MBA Olympics.”

That is why in 2020 we need to carry the torch and continue to celebrate every good thing that comes our way. This year we have the Olympics and Paralympics to look forward to and knowing our sportsmen and women, we have the ability to make 2020 another golden year.

This brings us to how you can play your part for South Africa.

Let’s support our teams, whether they be sports teams, choirs, educational teams, environmental warriors or individuals. Let’s also support our chefs, our musicians, our filmmakers and every South African that is flying the flag high! Together we are stronger, we are better and we are braver. Let’s make 2020 great together!

How do you plan to celebrate South Africa this year? Will you donate to causes, share the good news or advocate for human rights? Tell us your big plan and how you will play your part in the comment section.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about what you’ve done with those accomplishments. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” – Denzel Washington