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Globally recognized & collected artist Nelson Makamo debuts his first solo US exhibition ‘BLUE,’ in Los Angeles


DeLeón Tequila joins Nelson Makamo for the opening weekend of his exhibition with art-inspired cocktails

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, globally recognized and collected artist Nelson Makamo opens the doors to his first solo US exhibition titled ‘BLUE.’ The exhibition brings 44 of Makamo’s works stateside, making this impressive new body of work the largest collection he has ever showcased. The artwork explores the emotive range of the color – blue summons an age of recognition, transition, and development; it is overflowing with opportunities because it is undoubtedly of a feminine resolve.

DeLeón He(art) is one of the innovative art-inspired cocktails designed after “Blue’s” color palette and Makamo’s favorite flavors.

DeLeón Tequila is showing up in an unpredictable fashion to support Makamo during the opening weekend of his exhibition, which commenced on October 6 with a private dinner of curated VIP guests who received a first look at the collection. The spirited evening included a performance, coursed dinner, and DeLeón Tequila art-inspired cocktails that embodied the creative inspiration behind BLUE through the show’s color palette and Makamo’s favorite flavors.

“DeLeón Tequila recognizes and supports the artistry and craftsmanship of cultural architects like Nelson,” says Ingrid Best, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Marketing, Spirits, Combs Enterprises. “When I heard about his US exhibition, I knew we had to support this history-making moment in a real way. DeLeón is honored to join Nelson as he continues to capture the world with his talent. And we look forward to celebrating other artists, like Nelson, who break boundaries with their art.”

DeLeón Tequila will serve art-inspired cocktails during the opening weekend of Nelson’s exhibition [October 7 – 10]:

DeLeón Blanco Paloma Azul
DeLeón Reposado Gotta Have He(art)
DeLeón Añejo Pop Art
‘BLUE’ will be in residency through November 20 at 1242 Palmetto Street in Los Angeles, California. Please email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Link to event and cocktail images:

NELSON MAKAMO| b. 1982 Modimolle, Limpopo
Johannesburg based Artist Nelson Makamo is best known for his charcoal and oil paintings that redresses decades of images that have portrayed African children in destitute. Makamo’s career spans sixteen years. Based in Johannesburg, he has managed to solidify an iconic signature and a subject matter that has steadily placed him on a global stage, making him one of the worlds young and most sought-after visual artists of our times. Makamo has exhibited in South Africa, USA, France, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, and Finland. His work is featured in prestigious public and private collections. Nelson Makamo’s artwork speaks to changing the global mindset of what it means to be an African child. His portraits have strong emotions that every young African possess, from conviction, to prowess and determination, you cannot help but resonate with every piece. Makamo’s famous portraiture can capture these strong emotions which draw you inward. His mix media style, and a unique mark-making technique that breaks the scholarly rules is a very distinct signature.

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DeLeón Tequila was initially created in the Guanajuato region, home to the town of Leon and the town of Purisima del Rincon. The DeLeón Tequila brand launched in 2009 to an elite following in Hollywood and the U.S. music industry. Purchased in 2014 by a joint venture between business mogul and international icon Sean “Diddy” Combs and Diageo North America, Inc., part of DIAGEO – the world’s largest spirits and beer company, DeLeón Tequila defies conventions to establish a new standard of luxury in tequila. Perfected through a blend of traditional and innovative tequila-making processes DELEÓN® Tequila curates exquisite smoothness and abundant character.

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Combs Spirits (CS) is a privately owned, premium spirits company created by Sean “Diddy” Combs in 2013. The company co-owns DeLeón Tequila and is responsible for all strategic marketing for CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka, both in partnership with Diageo. CS is focused on delivering high impact growth driven product development strategies that promote a healthy business structure while highlighting social responsibility – and has become known for its bold business moves, energetic marketing and history-making success.

SOURCE: DeLeón Tequila

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