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Slow Food Terra Madre – Salon del Gusto – Turin Italy 2022

This 14th edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the global gathering of the Slow Food network and the world’s largest event dedicated to sustainable food and food politics, showcased how food can be a bridge to peace, demonstrating how through inclusion and dialogue we can cultivate a better future together. Over 3,000 representatives of the Slow Food network from 130 countries came together to share their experiences and come up with solutions to take back home, further strengthening the meaning of belonging that defines the Slow Food network. They also inspired over 350,000 visits to the event over the course of five days and offered practical suggestions to encourage everyone to make an impact on the food system through their own action.

Team SA advocated on the three pillars biodiversity – education – Advocacy in forming a collective approach with Africa as a whole which opened up major opportunities for all attendees in a continental shift of support and vision to make all fall in love with Africa again. The team came from many different NGO, Slow Food Communities and Rural Areas from South Africa whom where invited by slow food to attend based on their acknowledgment and recognition for the work they are doing in our country in preservation and development of IKS, Cultural and establishing food sovereignty through regeneration of indigenous food resilient food systems.

Harvesting Heritage, can be found on, whom has been instrumental as implementing agent for majority of SF projects in the various pillars will be further involved in the implementing a collection of Heritage Markets and Long Table Dinner Experiences – Harvesting our Heritage including the launch of the Wines of Origin Collaboration Series, can be found on, which received immense interest by the international markets.

To have a continued support from Brand SA in our projects and upcoming events would be incredible and instrumental to ensure we can make the impact these projects will enable in terms of trade opportunities, inbound travel and investment and socio economic development post Covid including continual collaboration with African and international countries. Our very own Thembe Chauke received an honourable award for his work in the 10 000 Gardens project in Africa (South Africa) which was the Byoungsoo Kim Memorial Award which is a prestigious award and recognition by Slow Food. We are so proud of him.

I cannot thank you enough for your sponsorship – these uniforms gave the team pride and created interest by our international colleagues, countries and tour agencies as South Africa was destination of interest. I have asked the team to please send all pictures and we’ll send through all the press releases for you to share on your platforms.  Thank you so much once again – without your support we could never have made the statement we made and South Africa’s Voice was loud and clear.

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