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Solomon Mahlangu: A Guiding Light of Courage

Solomon Mahlangu: A Guiding Light of Courage and Endurance

In the intricate fabric of South Africa’s fight for freedom, Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu stands as a shining example of determination and sacrifice. Born on July 10, 1956, in Mamelodi, Pretoria, his life became a living proof of the indomitable human spirit in the face of oppression and injustice.

Mahlangu’s journey began amidst the shadows of apartheid’s tyranny, where he bore witness to the injustices inflicted upon his people. Raised by his mother, Martha Mahlangu, a domestic worker who instilled in him values of dignity and bravery, Solomon’s path was forged against the backdrop of a nation yearning for liberation.

As a young man, Mahlangu joined the ranks of the African National Congress (ANC), driven by a resolute desire to confront the shackles of apartheid. He embarked on a voyage of exile, seeking military training to arm himself for the struggle ahead. In Angola and Mozambique, amidst the tumult of conflict, he sharpened his skills as a guerrilla fighter, preparing to confront the forces of oppression that gripped his homeland.

On June 11, 1977, Mahlangu, alongside his comrades, crossed the border into South Africa, armed with resolve and determination. Their mission: to stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed and challenge the injustices perpetuated by the apartheid regime.

However, fate intervened on Goch Street in Johannesburg, where a routine encounter escalated into a showdown with the authorities. In the chaos that ensued, Mahlangu found himself facing the full brunt of the state’s brutality. Despite his attempts to evade capture, he was apprehended and subjected to a trial marred by injustice and political persecution.

Throughout his trial, Mahlangu remained steadfast, refusing to compromise his principles or betray his integrity. Despite knowing the dire consequences, he stood firm in his belief in the righteousness of his cause. And on March 2, 1978, he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Yet, even in the shadow of death, Mahlangu’s spirit remained unbroken. His final words, uttered before his execution on April 6, 1979, reverberated across the globe, igniting a spark of resistance that would endure for generations. “My blood will water the seeds of freedom,” he proclaimed. “Tell my people that I hold them dear. They must press on with the fight.”

Mahlangu’s legacy endures, a guiding light of courage and endurance that inspires all who yearn for justice and freedom. From the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square in Mamelodi to the halls of academia that bear his name, his memory serves as a reminder of the price paid for freedom.

In the 2016 film “Kalushi,” his story is brought to life, immortalising his bravery and sacrifice for posterity. And as today’s youth chant his name in protest, his spirit lives on, guiding them in their quest for a brighter future.

Solomon Mahlangu may have left this world over four decades ago, but his legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of Global South Africans everywhere. As South Africa commemorates Freedom Month this April, let us remember Solomon Mahlangu, a hero whose bravery knew no bounds. Let us honour his sacrifice and recommit ourselves to the struggle for justice and equality, knowing that the seeds of freedom he spoke of continue to flourish, nurtured by the blood of those who came before us.

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