About Us

This is an exciting time to be a Global South African – to be part of the South African story, to be a son or daughter of Africa, to be connected directly to what we confidently predict will be the African century.

Brand South Africa has launched the Global South African programme in the conviction that you and other South Africans like you are a priceless resource for our country – your country – as we strive to position ourselves as global players in an increasingly competitive world.

Since the dawn of our democracy, much effort has been spent on breaking down stereotypes about South Africa and inspiring new ways of doing things – from celebrating Nelson Mandela as our first democratically elected president in 1994, to successfully hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to winning the Rugby World Cup for a third time in 2019. These are but a few examples proving that, in spite of some noteworthy challenges, we deserve a place on the A-list of emerging market economies as we work towards building a prosperous nation brand.

South Africans living or travelling abroad will very often be the first point of contact and reference for people overseas, whose perceptions and decisions have a profound impact on the attractiveness and competitiveness of our country. These Global South Africans can show the world what South Africans are made of, why we are worth investing in and partnering with and how we can help find creative solutions to the gamut of the world’s problems, from poverty to climate change to violent conflict.

The President has called on all of us to join hands and build an inclusive economy, reaffirming the National Development Plan (NDP) Vision 2030 as the guiding torch towards a prosperous South Africa that is free from poverty.

By becoming part of the GSA network, you commit to being a “brand ambassador” for our country. You believe in South Africa, you love your country and you want to help us build an inclusive economy and a socially cohesive nation.