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AFWL 2023 Hits the Stage as Africa Fashion Week Returns

For over a decade, an exciting event has been creating waves in the fashion world with
enthusiasts and designers converging in the heart of London amidst the thriving cultural
atmosphere. The Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is here again – bigger, better
and more glaring. In line with this year’s Black History Month in the UK, which takes
place in October, AFWL returns for its 13th edition after twelve years of supporting and
promoting African creations, fabrics, and culture worldwide. Therefore, set a date for a
fashion spectacle of a lifetime taking place at London Olympia, Kensington from 27 to
29th of October.

In terms of years, Africa Fashion Week London has evolved as the UK’s greatest
annual fashion exhibition and catwalk show over the last twelve years and has become
a critical vehicle through which African and African inspired fashion and design is
presented to the global public. This platform has witnessed presence of designers and
participants from Europe, Africa, North America, and South America, thus an actual
melting pot of creativity.

AFWL was established six years ago by Queen Ronke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi who is the
wife of the Ooni of Ife. It was established to offer a reliable global platform for the
emerging African heritage designers and SMEs at a low AFWL provides these talented
individuals a fair chance to be exposed and to have access to buyers. These designers
can only display their work in a world-class venue like this. Queen Ronke insists that
their main objective is to make African inspired-fashion not just popular but also
formidable competition to already existing fashion houses.

The impact of Queen Ronke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi is not confined within London. AFWL
isn’t the only platform through which she is revolutionizing the world of fashion; she also
started Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and AFWBrazil where Adire Oodua – traditional
indigenous Nigerian textile was showcased on the runway. This has solidified the global
recognition of African fashion and culture in these events.

AFWL is not merely a fashion show, but rather a platform that champions for diversity
and integration. The event aims to create platforms for fashion students and POC and
other marginalized communities. AFWL is piloted by Olori Ronke Ogunwusi who says
that they are targeting 90% of this event to constitute these three groups with valuable
experiences in fashion showcase.

Designers and participants from 26 African nations and over 70 nationalities are all
invited by AFWL. Excitement is growing for what promises to be another breakthrough
event for the African market as preparation kick off for this year’s edition. AFWL looks
forward to make another break- through with its strong shows and runway.

The Gugu Mobile Boutique of South Africa debuted at Africa Fashion Week London in
2019, presenting a collection that merged African culture and modernity. The brand has
also been back to the runway since 2022 and has just done the same in 2023 as it will
showcase it latest designs and collaborated with other African designers. Africa Fashion
Week London’s journey with Gugu Mobile Boutique, demonstrates how the impact of
African fashion is becoming more widespread in the global fashion world.

The Africa Fashion Week London 2023 is not just a fashion event. It is a celebration of
African heritage, creativity, and inclusivity. With the dedication and vision of Queen
Ronke Ademiluyi-Ogunwusi, it’s a platform that has evolved and grown over the years.
It’s a great chance to all come back and celebrate the beauty of African fashion and
culture as AFWL returns after its 13th edition. Thus, prepare yourself for an amazing
experience at Olympia, London, from 27-29th October; join a fashion revolution that’s
making ripples all across the world.

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