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Lorna Maseko, a Popular Chef Out in New York City

Lorna Maseko, a Popular Chef Holds a South African Bite Out in New York City.

Lorna Maseko is a South African model, television personality and chef. She is from Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa. Lorna Maseko launched her cooking career after taking part in the inaugural season of Top Chef South Africa that was launched in 2016. She did not emerge as the winner but the experience ignited her passion for cooking that drove her to explore into culinary.

Lorna Maseko, explored the motive for spreading SA cuisine abroad in 2018. She believes that by sharing her culture through food, she can promote cultural understanding and exchange between South Africa and other countries. Maseko has traveled to numerous countries, including the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, to showcase South African cuisine and share her passion for food with global audiences

New York had a taste of Africa with South Africa’s very own Celebrity Chef Lorna Maseko. Maseko is not only known for her culinary skills but also for her vibrant personality. The party had in attendance various celebrities like Jesse Eisenberg and Sawyer Spielberg for an excellent experience of South African food, wine, and culture.

When it came to the “Taste of South Africa”, pop-up event, Lorna Maseko gave the guests an opportunity to explore South African-inspired cuisine by introducing them to a selection of a blend of traditional South African dishes with modern touch. The dishes that were served from the table ranged from flavorful curries to tantalizing Braai (South African barbeque) that was special to different regions. Traditional South African meats were prominent in the event, boerewors being one of the most popular sausages, with lamb being cooked in a tender and slow-cooked manner. It was these flavors that were embellished by bright side dishes such as chakalaka (a vibrantly-colored relish of vegetables) and bobotie (a scented, spiced mixture of minced meat served with an egg custard) making it more scrumptious. A star studded guest list was expected at the “Taste of South Africa” pop-up event.

The ceremony drew an equally distinguished crowd that included a celebrated writer and actor like Jesse Eisenberg, renowned for his roles in movies like “The Social Network” and “Zombieland”. Sawyer Spielberg, whose father is a famous filmmaker called Steven Spielberg, was one of those who were present. Spielberg being both an actor as well as a director in the making relished the chance to indulge on South African food as well as to explore the rich and colorful culture behind it.

Lorna Maseko had undertaken a similar pop-up endeavor by the name of “Taste of South Africa” in New York City. Prior to this event, she conducted a similar one in Los Angeles with an objective of introducing South African foods and heritage to more people.

Taking to Instagram Lorna shared, “Words cannot describe how incredible it was to host my popup, Taste of SA, in NYC We were nestled at a cute venue in Little Italy and served South African food under the New York City skyline.”

Lorna shared who was on her guest list and what an absolute honor to host them at the event experiencing her heritage and culture through food, wine, and flavor.  She extends her heartfelt gratitude to Brand South Africa.

Maseko’s vision is to elevate South African cuisine and culture on a global scale. By representing the diverse flavors and traditions of her homeland, she endeavors to challenge preconceptions and inspire individuals to experience something unique and truly authentic.

On the evening of October 6th, something truly enchanting unfolded at HavandMar, and it was all thanks to the dynamic collaboration between Lorna Maseko and Chef Fariyal Abdul. Lorna shared a delightful Instagram post, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary night that transpired at #FariyalAndFriends Vol2.

The event was nothing short of magical, as they amazed patrons with a mouthwatering fusion of South African flavors. Renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson also added his culinary prowess to the mix. From scrumptious dishes to a thoughtfully curated array of South African wines, complemented by the soulful beats of our unique music, it was an unforgettable night. With her infectious passion and culinary expertise, Lorna beautifully highlighted South Africa’s rich gourmet heritage, leaving everyone yearning for more.

#FariyalandFriends Vol2 was an absolute hit that celebrated the diversity and vibrancy of South African cuisine on a global stage. Here’s to these culinary innovators for a memorable evening!

Lorna Maseko’s Taste of South Africa pop-up event in New York was a resounding success, serving as a testament to her vision of spreading South African food and culture to the world. Through her passion, creativity, and the flavors she expertly crafted, Lorna Maseko inspired a diverse audience to embark on a remarkable culinary expedition, forging connections through food and celebrating the rich heritage of South African cuisine.


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