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Talita Ferreira’s Global Journey of Impact

From Finance to Authentic Leadership: Talita Ferreira’s Global Journey of Impact and Sustainability

Talita Ferreira’s professional journey began with a solid educational foundation in Accounting and Law from the University of Pretoria. She furthered her expertise at KPMG in South Africa, earning the prestigious CA (SA) designation

Her career trajectory led her to the United Kingdom, where she became a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (FCA). Talita’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident in her pursuit of qualifications such as the Chartered Director designation from the Institute of Directors (IoD) and the IoD Diploma in Company Direction.

Moving through diverse sectors and countries, Talita’s career included roles at Investec Bank, where she ventured into regulatory reporting and later pursued a career in deal-making in Corporate Finance. Her global journey continued with the BMW Group, taking on roles in Munich, Mexico, and Australia.

The pivotal moment arrived when she assumed the role of CFO at BMW Financial Services in the UK, marking the beginning of her exploration into human resources and organisational development. This diversified leadership style became a cornerstone of her career.

Beyond her roles in the automotive sector, Talita’s influence extended globally. She currently serves as a Non-executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of FCE Bank plc, she held key positions at Tandem Bank Limited and Tandem Money Limited. Her skills in interpersonal dynamics, strategic planning, auditing, and leadership are making a significant impact at Henry Boot PLC, where she serves as a Non-Executive Director.

In 2016, Talita founded Authentic Change Solutions Limited, a management consultancy dedicated to transforming leadership mindset and driving cultural and change management. Her extensive experience as a CFO and Board Director for Human Resources uniquely positions her to guide organisations through the complexities of transformation.

Through Authentic Change Solutions Limited, Talita delivers tailor-made programs for individuals, leaders, and organisations, fostering collaborative, knowledge-sharing, and engaged work environments. As a keynote speaker, she uses her C-Suite executive experiences to inspire and engage audiences globally.

Talita’s commitment to education persists as she serves as a Course Leader at the Institute of Directors in London, delivering courses on leadership and finance. Additionally, she is an Online Trainer for Accredited CPD courses for finance professionals through Finance Inspired 4 Success.

Her recent completion of the Sustainability Management course at the University of Cambridge underscores her commitment to addressing contemporary challenges. Talita firmly believes in the business case for sustainability, emphasizing the need for boards to be open to new partnerships and sustainable business models.

In conclusion, Talita Ferreira’s story is one of continuous innovation, impact, and a deep-rooted connection to her South African heritage. As a CFO, entrepreneur, and advocate for authenticity and sustainability, she not only contributes to the global finance landscape but also represents South Africa in a positive light, showcasing the nation’s talent and resilience on the international stage.

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